24 April 2013

Cory Andreen

I drink tea in Bremen as well -- there is no coffee culture here what so ever -- but if that makes me have something in common with Cory Andreen I am fine with it.

His coffee place: Cafè CK in Berlin is not one of my favourites but I must admit I have only been once or twice. It is quite far away from my neighbourhood but I will for sure check it out again next time I am nearby.
The interview is interesting - coffee is for sure a hobby of mine, and only a hobby - not at any high level but I do appreciate a good cup of coffee and find it interesting to hear about what I am drinking and paying attention to how it is made and I have made so many new friends in many of the cities I have lived in just through coffee.

In 10 years or so - there might be another coffee culture where I am now, I will probably not be here anymore but then they might care more about what they drink.

The interview and photo's are humbly borrowed from Freundevonfreunden.com.
Please check out their great site.

Video: Luke Abiol, Louise Taarnskov
Photography: Dan Zoubek