20 April 2013

A hello on a saturday.

A hello on a saturday.

I feel like making a list - best things that happened this week:

*Lukas Graham in Bremen - say what you want but he and the band put on a freaking good show and seing them in Bremen was real good fun.

*Let's stay within the theme Danish music - I bumped into Medina in Copenhagen and I was so star stroked - hahahahha - it made my 24 hours in Copenhagen even better.

*Eating a real danish hot dog at DØP, in Copenhagen.

*lying in bed watching the movie: it's complicated with Meryl Street. I started it on friday night fell a sleep and continued it real early on saturday morning. Feels like it is sunday but it is not !!!

*I had a Kvikk Lunsj - the norwegian equivalent for Kit Kat just so much better.

*Getting drunk with good girls.

*Finally exploring &otherstories when being in Copenhagen and it is even better than I though so I will for sure go see the one in Berlin soon as well.

*Stumbling upon the koolest leather jacket from Monki, on sale 50% - have drooled on it for months and then I just ended up buying it ...

Have a happy saturday ...