20 February 2013

// Makes me happy list //

What made me happy the past few weeks:

1. I discovered a good art museum in Bremen, great size, nice selection of art and a really good restaurant filled with old couples eating steak in the middle of the day.
2. Had the perfect flat white at Kooka Boora in Paris - there must be a bigger force I finally had my cup of good coffee.
3. I got to go to Paris, enough said ...
4. Walked through the art museum in Bremen and discovered a Munc paintings hanging there. My Norwegian heart was bleeding.
5. My colleagues keep inviting me for drinks and food and they are great fun to hang out with.
6. I had 3 hours by myself at IKEA and even though they were rebuilding like crazy I basically got everything on my list.
7. People in this city are so darn nice - where else can you walk into a random bank on a friday and ask if there by chance is any possibility to open a bank account right away and they say yes?
8.The three hour long Skype breakfast date I had with my charming man this saturday.
9. I have a place to live - a real room in a shared flat with a nice lady.
10. Berlino is just a couple of days away - kissing my man, breakfast at the breakfast club in Wedding, accesible good coffee, smelly people in the tube, clubs like we know them from year 2013 and grumpy ladies at the supermarkets - here I come.