09 January 2013

Unboss by Lars Kolind & Jacob Bøtter

A few months ago - I was given this book. 
It has been quite a media hype about it at least in Denmark and now it has also been published in English. No wonder about the hype when you see who are the authors : Lars Kolind and Jacob Bøtter and in addition to these a bunch of international contributors. The books site is here. Where you can read more about. It's sold here and there but I saw it at Kastrup - the Airport in Copenhagen the other week. So grab a copy if you feel that you want to become a better boss or just want to understand your boss better. I don't read management books on a regular basis but I do like too read up on some theory on what I am doing every once in a while. I haven't read it all but I have browsed through the chapters I found interesting and it makes a lot of sense - when you work within teams and every now and then needs to lead people this is some decent inspiration.