04 January 2013

Christy Lee Rogers

All these breathtaking pictures are borrowed from Christy Lee Rogers webpage. They are as dramatic and beautiful as I feel inside at the moment. I read about Christy here. A self taught photographer from Hawaii, whose intense under water photographs has distinct parallels to the Baroque painter Carravagio and Rubens.

We are back from Copenhagen, Berlin's eyes are leaking and it's grey outside. Turning back to Berlin was tough this time. We hadn't been in Copenhagen since we left in july and seing some of those friends who I have missed to bits and spending time in places I had not been in a while felt just so right. I am sorry for not seing all of you but I simply did not have enough time. The ones I saw you are greatly appreciated - and I have felt like myself again - you are the best. 

I will be back though - soon - because oh my dear Copenhagen I do miss you too bits. Christmas and New Years kicked ass and we feel greatly appreciated because I had so nice people around me! 

This new year -  has some heavy challenges - I am a tad bit nervous, especially because they are getting closer, can't wait to share a little more when I get started. It's getting serious again - 4real!