26 December 2012

What makes me happy today

#1: That I haven't opened my computer in several days (except for a Skype date on Christmas eve).

#2: The long walk we did along the sea side today.

#3: This day has consisted of reading my book, reading my book, reading my book.

#4: Eating Anton Berg's chocolate - "Plomme i Madeira" - my man and my grandmothers favourite.

#5: Danish TV Channels are showing all these amazing movies and series all day long.

#6: I will see a big part of my family in a few days which I haven't seen in ages.

#7: Making these lists.

#8: That someone very special surprised me with an amazingly beatiful christmas present I never had expected and I will wear it everyday and be reminded of him now that we won't see each other every day.

#9: I stumbled upon this text I wrote a blog post on but simply forgot to post:

"I went on a discovery trip in Berlin today. Visited Martin Gropius Bau and saw the amazing Dennis Hopper photo exhibition. I just managed to see Karl's photos as well at Potsdamer Platz - on the little black jacket he has done in collaboration with Carine Roitfeld. Today was the last day and I am so happy I made it - amazing venue. Reminded me a little about Kunstbau in Munich - very nice place.
Afterwards I decided to walk towards Quartier 206 and Gallery Lafayette because it has been years since I had been. I hate shopping but I love checking out stores that are well put together. And these little beauties were amazing. I even sat down in the food hall downstairs and ate a "pain de Scandinave" and it was almost too good to be true sitting next to a pretty old lady with lip stock on her teeth and enjoying my salmon sandwich with cream cheese on polar bread".

#10: Thinking back on christmas eve which was so different from everything I know and cherish but honestly feeling that it was very nice indeed. I am privileged that my man's family has tried so very hard to make christmas special and they succeeded.

#11: That I will be in Copenhagen in a few days and I am looking forward to having coffee at Coffe Collective at Godthåpsvej, eating mexican food at Bar Burrito, maybe seing an exhibition at Louisiana, seing friends, eating a Cinnamon bun at Meyers, enjoying a some time at"home" with my man.

#12: That following these three blogs - by women who are healthy role models, funny, intelligent, beautiful and interesting enriches my life and keeps my virtual world grounded. Thank you Elsa, Mariell and Sandra. Selfportraits are borrowed from their blogs: Elsa, Mariell and Sandra.