11 December 2012

Things I like ...

A few weeks ago I started to write things down I really, really like and there are plenty more to come but here are the first #20 things I like.
Mostly it's a smell or a feeling and it's hard to put into words but it's my first attempt so have some patience with me.

#1 -  The walk from the gate to the arrival area of Munich Airport - the smell and the people in late 90' ies suits, the BMW commercials and Dallmayer on the right hand side - butterflies in my tummy - I am almost "home".

#2 - Lying in bed all sunday long watching series with my man forgetting the world outside.

#3 - The intense heat that you are met with when stepping out of an airplane in a warm country - holiday, water, fresh fish and beach here I come.

# 4 - The smell of my hair and skin when having been at the beach all day long - the smell of sand, salt and sun.

#5 - Waking up in the morning, being at the summerhouse and the only plan for the day is to brew an old school cup of coffee and find a nice spot to sit in the early sun.

#6 - Order bread - le pain at a bakery in Paris, and for a second forget that your French is far from perfect.

#7 - Going to bed in freshly cleaned bed sheets.

#8 - Walking "my" dog in the misty evening fog.

#9 - Sipping on a warm cup of tea, opening up a brand new, glossy magazine and no other cares in the world others than to read and glance through this bundle of fashion and gossip.

#10 - Late spontaneous nights with dear, dear friends drinking wine and solving the bigger issues in life.

#11 - Going for a ride in Copenhagen with absolutely no plans what so ever and bumping into people you know and then stay for a chat and a coffee.

#12 - Eating cinnamon and cardamom buns and drinking a nice pour over coffee.

#13 - Seing random well dressed old people.

#14 - going to Kalaset in Copenhagen, there is always someone you know. I wonder if that wil be like that when I return?

#15 - Going to bed early, but then end up spending hours talking about random stuff with my man.

#16 - Listening to radio and when they play a song you haven't heard for ages but you used to love to bits and play all the time, like Diana King: Shy Guy.

#17 - Being surprised with Concerts - like going to see Erlend Øye at Michelberger in Berlin on a snowy sunday.

#18 - Fresh Flowers in my home.

#19 - When your parents surprise you with a gift you really need but can't afford to buy yourself.

#20 - Sitting in an apartment decorated with Christmas and it's snowing outside.