03 December 2012


Well my last blog post was a few days ago - I am spending time in Munich pretending that I am a florist. And it's fun and when I am not working I get to spend time with my family, hang out with friends and have "glühwein" at pretty christmas markets. 

When the weather is so cold and in Munich there is even a little bit of snow the Christmas feeling is complete. Over the Christmas holidays we are leaving for Denmark and New Years we are in Copenhagen and if we have the time I would love to check out this beauty of a restaurant. It has been in the making for quite sometime and Cofoco is the brand behind it. IN my opinion these guys kick ass so I am always on the lookout when they open something new. 

Norm architects and the danish design company Menu has done the interiour - Scandinavian Sleek, a bit to minimalistic for my taste but I am sure the pictures lye - fill this baby up with great, tasty nordic inspired food and some great staff and of you go on a fun ride. 
I had a peek at the menu, three courses for 275 dkr is a true bargain and just reading about it made my mouth water. Check it out here.
Hopefully I'll find the time during the holidays and my man and me can check it out together and get out dose of Scandinavian Cuisine and thoughtful designed interiour. 

All the imagery borrowed here