13 November 2012

Tuesday list

What day is today?
Tuesday, and it's in the evening.

If you were an emoji, which one would you be? 
The one with the balloons - the birthday one.

Divide your day into three crucial episodes.
Fought my way out of bed.
Skyped with a fierce red head - which was very nice.
Made rice porridge with butter, sugar and cinnamon for dinner (very Norwegian).

What are your plans for the evening?
I am waiting for my man to finish some things he is working on and then we will watch an episode of Boardwalk Empire together. We are quite hooked on it at the moment but we try to only see one episode a day. Enjoying the small things in life I guess.

Say two favourite expressions?
woop woop woop

What will you have for breakfast tomorrow? 
Yoghurt with slices of banana and kiwi sprinkled with almonds, seeds and granola and a cup of coffee.

What compliments make you happy?
If someone says that I am good at doing my profession and being a designer,  when people say I am a person they can count on and hey if they comment on my eyes or say say they like my short hair I will be smiling all day long.

Who do you miss?
I don't know where to start - I miss a lot of my good friends who live around the globe and I mostly see quite rarely but I won't mention names because I am sure I will forget someone who will feel left out. But they know who they are - they have coffee with me when I am in town only for a few hours, they gather around for dinner and listens about moaning from my side while we eat great pizza, they have serious conversations on the meaning of life even though we have't seen each other for years and years, they answer my sporadic emails with so much affection, they have coffee dates with me on skype, they go for long walks, they like my instagram photos of silly things, they send me messages on my phone and let me hold their kids even though I haven't been around for ages and they remember my stupid birthday even though I keep forgetting theirs again and again ...

What are you good at?
Designing solutions, having guests over, being the annoying person who knows better at guided tour at art galleries, enjoying food and drinking wine with good friends.

What do you wish for?
A new and exciting jobb, that the professional side of my live sorts out and becomes challenging and that I will travel to new places in the near future such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

What do you think is funny?
When my man dances all by himself, drinking good coffee while people watching, discovering new areas and cities, having people over for dinner and enjoying a good conversation.

What are you bad at? 
Lying, being unemployed, not eating sweets, playing wordfeud.

What are you making for dinner tomorrow?
I am thinking about making lasagne or maybe cannelloni with spinach and ricotta or maybe my all time favourite potatoe pizza.

Who are you in love with?
My man.

What have you been planning to do, but have not done yet?
Working on that French, travel to Tokyo, renting a smart and have a road trip through the suburbs of Berlin, going on a weekend trip to London visiting a very sweet friend and exploring London with my man.

What are you dreading?
Tomorrow morning.

What will you do this weekend?
Ask my man if he wants to go to the Natural History Museum, attend an art exhibition opening and make boiled eggs for breakfast.

List was adjusted slightly but I originally I found them here and here