19 November 2012


Stationery and office supply is for sure a weak spot of mine. It has been ever since I was a kid, where I loved going with my parents to work and going into the office supply room or sometime sonly a shelf and every now and then I was allowed to take a brand new pen or some staplers.

Germany is a pretty good country when it comes really old, dusty shops filled with weird envelopes, stamps, yellow tape and paper clips. Wandering around these places and buying stickers and weird stuff is fun. When on earth do I use this stuff ?! When I wrap presents, write cards, make illustrations and work on my sketchbooks.

This Shop on Etsy, which is called INKKIT made my heart jump. Especially the stickers with glitter and the little zig zag striped paper bag.
If you happen to be in Berlin - Modulor is also a great shop for Illustrators, Designer, Architects and so on to find different paper, pens,  clips, elastics, tape and so on.
It's on Prinzenstr. 85, Berlin.