18 October 2012

The Danish Open Faced Sandwich

This is the perfect little clip to make you guys happy on a autumn day like today. A little video made by Vice - as a tribute to Nordic crafts !  In my family we are big fans on Smørrebrød - the Danish Open Faced Sandwich. To be honest I haven't been to this particular place called Slotskælderen - but I have been at Dyrehaven quite a few times. Either to eat their Potatoe on Rye Bread or their pretty amazing Croque Madame. Do yourself a favour and avoid this place on the weekends - go there during the week, the food will be prepared with a lot more love and affection ...

 But if you want real smørrebrød then these are my favourites in Cafe Sorgenfri in Copenhagen and Raadhus Kafeen in Århus:

By the way the stamps above are made in collaboration with Slotskælderen in 2012.