04 September 2012

Adeline Jouan Dons Red Looks, by Nikolay Biryukov

Well - I feel that fashion series wise we are on a roll, went to a wedding this weekend in a bright red dress, a dancing gown, crossover - dirty dancing, San Fransisco 80' ies, Madonna's who's that girls crazy party dress - sounds good ? Yes, it was darn pretty that thing.  

So bright red dress wise this photoseries just knocked me off my feet.
We are on our way on a roadtrip to Denmark to get some of our stuff tomorrow. This weekend we traveled more that 2000 km back and forth Kristiansand / Berlin but it was a fun party and I had quite a few norwegians specialities so I am not complaining. 

These Photos are taken by Nikolay Biryukov and the model is Adelina Jouan Dons - damn fine ! 

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