05 August 2012

Germany you old fart !

In Germany ordinary things are different - I tend to forget how bureaucratical things get around here compared to how things are done in Scandinavia or other parts of the world for that matter.

There are a few things I simply do not understand -

Why can't you go grocery shopping on sundays ? (Except for the Rewe at the Ostbahnhof) I want to food shop when I feel like it - mostly on sundays ...

Why is Electricity so expensive and why is the system so complicated ?

Why is it syddenly a pain to have a gas stove because no one offers gas in such little amounts except for the expensive providers ?

Why does it take forever to get internet - 21 days is forever ?

Why are there so few places where you can pay with VISA - we are making a list - Bauhaus and REAL you are on - congrats ...

Germany you old fart - get a grip on it.

I would love to have a couple of these things in our new home - they are from pretty and very good looking swedish Granit - not available in good old Germany - at least for now ...