26 August 2012

Five Elephants

Another tip - when it comes to Berlin coffee,

What is starting to become a sunday ritual is spending a few hours reading a book while having what I think, is in my oppinion berlin's best flat white, or on a dreary day maybe one of their cafe au lait. Perfectly served in a big cup with milk frottet perfectly and the espresso roasted - softly so there is not even a hint of bitterness ...

it's a good place - hidden away behind trees on a quiet street not to far away from our crib. We just recently discovered their cheese cake - which is heavy but simply amazing - so if you go there and skip it - you will miss out on a piece of heaven.

I keep bumping into people who say some thing like this : "you like coffee, schshsss don't tell anyone but five elephants is the shit". And I think to myself that - daaah - old news - buster.

When not having a regular job - the weekends are hopeless - I long for a regular everyday - because for a hard working girl like me routines and a busy busy jobb are things I miss  - so the weekends become worthless because I do not have the need to relax ... But a coffee break at Five elephants still is not that bad after all!