11 January 2011

Das Welthemd

I read an article today, in the german newspaper die Zeit - it's an old article and very shortly told a journalist follows a t-shirt from H&M around the world - from Design at the head office in Stockholm to cotton production inTexas, to factories in Dhaka and later on back again to Europe, USA and the rest of the world where it is sold in H&M stores. Of course it sheds a horrible light at H&M but at the same time I can't help myself when I get upset because H&M is not the only company who does this. And often buying a t-shirt at other places the footprint is not necessarily more sustainable correct - As some of you know I have been an intern at H&M and learned so much on their CSR policy and always felt that not a question was kept unanswered, there is no doubt that there are a lot of improvements that should be done but at the end of the day it is we - the consumers who actually have the power ! We must demand products that have been produces with ecologically, economically and socially sustainable methods. It's really hard for a consumer to know where to buy your clothes because it's a jungle of information ... I am a fashion student and I feel obliged to make an impact where I can and I try to do so as well ! Right now I am writing a thesis on CSR processes and believe me it's a jungle of information and it is hard to find your way around ... But as long as we all give it a try, there will be progress ! Information and interest is the key !